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Enabling Client Self-Determination: Providing Knowledge and Support to Champion Fulfillment

Happy multiracial senior women having fun together outdoor - Elderly generation people hugging each other at park

Specialized Programming


participants attended trauma support workshops for the Iranian community


members of the Ukrainian community received customized health information


women benefited from our expanded Women’s Health Program


newcomers were provided with information and resources through our Parent and Youth Mental Health initiative to over

Last year, our focus on holistic health contributed to building healthy individuals, families, and communities. Over 3,000 im/migrants enhanced their skills to navigate the Canadian health system and increased their knowledge of local health resources.

Our Annual Client Survey captured a rise in mental health awareness with 86% of clients reporting pandemic-related stress, anxiety, or depression and 69% reaching out for support. These results show nearly a 50% increase in those seeking support compared to the previous year’s survey results. Over the last year, we have offered specialized health information and resources to respond to the emerging needs of newcomer communities. 1,300+ im/migrants learned how to better manage their mental health and well-being through participating in our information sessions.

More Impact Stories

In the last year, we have mobilized knowledge, wisdom and tools to increase im/migrant belonging and leadership. Check out the stories below for some more ways we have been building equitable communities.