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Strengthening our Team: Cultivating a Psychologically Healthy and Safe Work Environment

Assessment Results


confirm we provide a nurturing environment where employees feel deeply connected to their work, colleagues, and organization


 take pride in and enjoy their work and agree work becomes a source of fulfillment and joy


expressed our workplace is inclusive of persons with diverse backgrounds, points of view and people are treated fairly

With our commitment to centering people, staff health and wellness is a priority for Impact North Shore. Our adoption of the Guarding Minds @ Work™ assessment tool allows us to determine a baseline measurement on the psychological health of our organizational culture. We believe that when employees feel deeply connected to their work and teams, as well as the organization’s mission, then we are positioned to offer excellence in our service and community engagement programming.

Impact North Shore team members are passionately driven. Each one acknowledges the importance of their work, revealing a unity and commitment that runs deep within our organization with 100% of staff being committed to the success of the team. At Impact North Shore, we don’t just build teams, we cultivate relationships and thriving communities, inside and out.

“Over the past 12 years of working here, I’ve transformed personally, driven by an unwavering passion to leave a lasting impact in my various roles. Living in the same community where I work, I’ve witnessed our clients’ growth from newcomers to successful, integrated im/migrants. Every day, my passion drives me to create meaningful change, and I’m deeply grateful for this opportunity.”

~Impact North Shore Employee

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