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Addressing Linguistic Racism: Exploring Equitable Approaches to English Language Learning

Group of modern immigrants sitting at table having fun laughing at something funny during english lesson

The Our Words, Our Wisdom: Addressing Linguistic Racism project explores new ways to align English language learning with equity and decolonized approaches. Integrating approaches into the classroom that are grounded in trauma-informed practice, are learner-centered, share power in the learning space, and challenge colonial teaching practices are the guiding tenets of this work. These approaches foster a learning environment that is conducive to intentional conversations about decolonization, the value of cultural wisdom, and the lived experience of being racialized.

An essential component of this project is the Living Lab where ESL learners actively participate in piloting innovative curriculum. Results indicate that this increases self-confidence, improves communication skills, and supports the individual identities of newcomers while they integrate into their local communities.

In addition to the Living Lab, over 100 participants were engaged in 7 community dialogues to broaden their understanding of linguistic diversity, the reality of linguistic racism, and the need for host communities to support the many ways in which the English language is spoken.

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