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Building Capacity: Future Focused Planning to Fulfill our Vision

We believe that through future focused planning we build our capacity to fulfill our vision. Over the last year, we have leaned into reflecting on and defining the scope of our operational environment. This has included strengthening our IT environment to support the ongoing need for hybrid service delivery, increasing our capacity to anticipate trends, mitigate cybersecurity risks, and exploring new trends in technology.

We have also focused on analyzing multiple data sources to continually adapt our service response to meet the changing needs of im/migrants. This has included inviting service users to give feedback and make recommendations through multiple channels, including two comprehensive surveys, multiple focus and advisory groups. We utilize the recommendations to design and plan service and community engagement activities that are responsive to the evolving needs and changing contexts.

Staff education and training is a cornerstone for continuous improvement. Our expanding leadership team engaged in multiple learning opportunities to strengthen their skills. Our staff participated in multiple training to develop our organization and service strengths.

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In the last year, we have mobilized knowledge, wisdom and tools to increase im/migrant belonging and leadership. Check out the stories below for some more ways we have been building equitable communities.